Exchange mailstore full

Why does every Exchange admin have to find out the hard way that there is a limit to the database size (16GB for 2000, 75GB for 2003 I think).

The chances are that it isn’t actually full of data, just very very fragmented.  I’ve reduced a 75GB file to around 20GB.  To defrag it:

  • Dismount the exchange store using exchange system manager
  • If your low on disk space, connect a USB hard disk or similar, the defrag will need as much space as it already uses free.
  • cd progra~1\exchsrvr\bin
  • eseutil /d c:\Exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv1.edb /tf:\Tempdfrg.edb
    /ff:\Tempdfrg.stm /bf:\origmbox

    /d         – <database name>
    /t<db>     – set temp. database name (default: TEMPDFRG*.EDB)
    /f<file>   – set temp. streaming file name
    /b<db>     – make backup copy under the specified name)

  • Once finished check mdbdata dir for new priv1.edb and
    priv1.stm – they should be significantly smaller
  • Mount the exchange store

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