Citrix Xenserver [Errno5] Input/Output error during install

During installation of Citrix Xenserver 5 over DRAC (Dell Remote Access Controller) using amounted ISO, I got the error:

[Errno5] Input/Output error during install

The initial install phase started properly and it allowed me to enter all configuration settings, but failed at the end of installation. Presumably this is either an issue with the DRAC or the connection speed over which the ISO is being mounted. To get around this, you need to start the installation process as normal with the mounted ISO, then when prompted, select to continue installation from a HTTP/FTP/NFS repository. Creating a repository is easy, just grab the following files off the ISO’s and stick them on a webserver:

(ISO1)/boot/isolinux/mboot.c32 -> (WEBROOT)/xen/mboot.c32
(ISO1)/boot/vmlinuz -> (WEBROOT)/xen/vmlinuz
(ISO1)/boot/xen.gz -> (WEBROOT)/xen/xen.gz
(ISO1)/install.img -> (WEBROOT)/xen/install.img
(ISO1)/packages.main/ -> (WEBROOT)/xen/packages.main/
(ISO2)/packages.linux/ -> (WEBROOT)/xen/packages.linux/

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