Screen – Can be useful!

Screen is something I’ve never been interested in using previously, but to be honest, it has many benefits. Screen is basically a window manager that allows you to run many windows from your SSH session. By doing this you don’t need to initiate several SSH sessions to a box when running complex tasks. Also if your connection is terminated in the middle of your task, you can resume your screen session.


Start screen:

Create new screen window:
CTRL + A + C

Run a command in a new screen window:
CTRL + A + [command]

Flip to the nextscreen:
CTRL + A + N

Flip to the previous screen:
CTRL + A + P

Detach screen (send screen to the background and return to your shell)
CTRL + A + D

Show screen sessions:
screen -ls
There is a screen on:
21970.pts-0.ct-1565 (Detached)

Re-attach to a detatched screen:
screen -r [session]
screen -r 21970.pts-0.ct-1565 in this case

If your screen is still attached you must detatch it before being able to re-attach:
screen -d [session]

To Exit from screen back to your shell, just:
[screen is terminating] will let you know your back.

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