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Gluster active/passive cluster

Gluster is a nice distributed file system which offers some management benefits over block level storage systems like DRBD. By design Gluster works in an active/active cluster configuration, however for applications where millisecond precision data replication is essential, an active/passive configuration is preferable. This is how (based on SLES11 with HAE): usual SLES HA cluster […]

Destroy gluster brick

If you wish to destroy or recreate a Gluster brick, it leaves some traces behind on the filesystem. This is the procedure to blat it: umount gluster volume stop gv0 gluster volume delete gv0 attr -lq /data/gv0/brick1 setfattr -x trusted.glusterfs.volume-id /data/gv0/brick1/ setfattr -x trusted.gfid /data/gv0/brick1/ rm –rf /data/gv0/brick1/.glusterfs /etc/init.d/glusterd restart

Server 2012 R2 – Failover Cluster error

So I was installing SQL2008R2 (In 2015? I know not my choice, it was for a legacy application) into a Windows Server 2012 R2 Failover Cluster. I hit the following error during the SQL install: “Rule Cluster Service Verification Failed. The SQL Server failover cluster services is not online”. It turns out that some cluster […]