Moving from SysV to Systemd

Goodbye initd, systemd is here!  Systemd brings a lot of benefits such as parallel startups and enhanced troubleshooting but sure does takes some getting used to when you have been working in a completely different way for your entire Linux life!  Systemd is now shipping with CentOS7 and most of the other major distros, so its time to learn!

This table should help with transitioning the commands:

Sysvinit Cmd Systemd Cmd
service httpd start systemctl start httpd
service httpd stop systemctl stop httpd
service httpd restart systemctl restart httpd
service httpd reload systemctl reload httpd
service httpd condrestart systemctl condrestart httpd
service httpd status systemctl status httpd
chkconfig httpd on systemctl enable httpd
chkconfig httpd off systemctl disable httpd
chkconfig –list systemctl list-unit-files –type=service
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