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AppLocker blocking Logon scripts

I ran into an issue today on Windows Server 2012R2 where AppLocker was blocking logon & logoff scripts despite the sysvol folder being in the allowed policy. The documentation indicates that allowing the following folder should be enough: \\\sysvol\\policies\* This isnt the case, you actually need the NETLOGON folder too: \\\NETLOGON\* And in my instance […]

Clear ARP on various systems

Just a quick reference for how to clear ARP entries on various systems following a network change: Windows Print arp table: arp -a Delete single entry: arp -d Delete entire arp table: arp -d * Add static entry: arp -s 00-aa-00-62-c6-09 Cisco ASA/IOS/NX-OS Print arp table: show arp Delete entire arp table: clear […]