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IIS – The network location cannot be reached

I had a strange error in IIS6 today when adding a secondary IP.  The site wouldn’t start and gave the error “The network location cannot be reached”.  The IP was correct, pingable and the IIS host headers were all fine. I had to install the Windows 2003 support tools to fix this.  They can be […]

Appcmd IIS7 command line tool

Appcmd list sites Appcmd list site “sitename” /config Appcmd start/stop sites “Default Web Site” (or whatever site you want to start) Appcmd add sites /name:”Site 5” /id:12 /bindings: /physicalPath:C:\inetpub\site5 Backup IIS config: appcmd add backup appcmd list backup appcmd restore backup It has much much more functionality – appcmd /h

Auto restart IIS when service unavailable

A bit crude but it works.  Make a schedule task for this batch file: del testsql1.asp C:\wget\wget.exe –timeout=30 –tries=1 find /C “SQLServer Test Code 1″ testscript.asp IF ERRORLEVEL 1 IISRESET /RESTART /TIMEOUT:120 /REBOOTONERROR

IIS File Upload Limit

By default IIS sets the upload filesize limit to a measly 200KB.  To edit this you need to enable direct metabase editing in IIS, then edit c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\Metabase.xml .  You need to modify the MaxRequestEntityAllowed which is in bytes.  Restart IIS.

Identifying Rogue Processes in IIS

Bring up a command prompt and execute: iisapp.vbs This gives you a mapping of process id to application pool.  Next bring up the task manager and identify the process that you are interested in.  If process ids are not currently shown, go to the view menu, select Choose Columns and tick PID. You should now […]

Resync the IIS anonymous username and password on Plesk for Windows

If the domain is prompting for a login, and then gives “HTTP Error 401.1 – Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials”, there might be an issue with the anonymous password that Plesk is holding. First thing to check is that all directory permissions are adequate and that anonymous directory access is ticked in […]


CDONTS was deprecated and replaced by CDOSYS in Winddows 2003.  You can still install and use CDONTs if you need it though.  Just google for CDONTS and register the DLL. CDONTS Example: <% Option Explicit Dim objMail Dim strSubject Dim strBody strSubject = “This is a test email in HTML format”