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MySQL Dump database to Email

To backup a database and send it to email, add a cron job like: mysqldump -ce –user=user –password=pass dbname | gzip |uuencode dbbackup.gz| mail -s “xxxx Database Backup”

Apache MySQL Authentication

mod_auth_mysql will need to be loaded. in vhost.conf add: AuthType Basic AuthName “Auth required” AuthMySQLHost localhost AuthMySQLUser auth_user AuthMySQLPassword mypassword AuthMySQLDB mysqlauth AuthMysqlUserTable clients AuthMySQLNameField username AuthMySQLPasswordField passwd AuthMySQLPwEncryption none AuthMySQLEnable on require valid-user Then in MySQL: create database mysqlauth; use mysqlauth; CREATE TABLE `clients` ( `username` varchar(25) NOT NULL default ”, `passwd` varchar(25) NOT […]

Plesk SQL Queries

A few queries I put together to grab info from the Plesk database for troubleshooting: #FTP ACCOUNTS #———— SELECT account_id AS ‘ID’, login AS ‘USERNAME’, password AS ‘PASSWORD’, home AS ‘HOMEDIR’ FROM sys_users S, accounts A WHERE S.account_id =; #MAIL ACCOUNTS #————- SELECT account_id AS ‘ID’, mail_name AS ‘USERNAME’, password AS ‘PASSWORD’, postbox as […]