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Spamassassin 2010 bug

A bit of an oversight – old versions of Spamassassin have an inbuilt rule to block emails with a future date.  Not a bad idea really, but the rule starts blocking things from 2010!  The rule should be fixed in newer versions, however Plesk for example uses a fairly old version. You can edit the […]

Test an email against Spamassassin

To run an email through spamassassin to test how “spamlike” it is, put email+ headers in file: cat file | spamassassin -t

Creating custom Spamassassin rules

example: body            Job_Scam_Rule  /craftmediadepartment|LOUWILLE ENGINEERING|ABLE TEXTILE DEPARTMENT/ describe        Job_Scam_Rule  “Spam is not allowed” score           Job_Scam_Rule  2000 2000 2000 2000 or header LOCAL_ED_SUBJECT      Subject =~ /\bED\b/ score LOCAL_ED_SUBJECT       40 needs to go in the users user_prefs file if allow_user_rules is enabled in Otherwise can be done on a serverwide basis in /etc/mail/spamassassin/ or similar manual: […]